Our Approach
Each of our lessons begins on land where our students are taught the anatomy of the board and basic surf techniques before we ever enter the water. By beginning our lessons like this, we ensure that the fundamentals of surfing and basic water safety protocols are grasped by our students before they're ever needed.

Our proven curriculum is flexible and easily adaptable. Our professionally trained instructors adjust their lesson plans to match the needs of every student on a case by case basis. Age, experience, and oceanic conditions are all factors that are assessed each lesson. By custom tailoring each experience, we ensure that all of our students are given the highest chance for success.
Our Instructors
We believe that each of our students can only be as good as their instructors and that's why we only hire the best of the best. Our instructors are made up of professional surfers, teachers and lifeguards who are all passionate about sharing their love of surfing.

Our instructors undergo a rigorous 3 month bootcamp where they are taught our proven curriculum, lifesaving skills, and customer service in addition to intense runs, swims and surf sessions that test their skills and fitness. Each instructor is First Aid/CPR trained. With extensive ocean knowledge, all of our instructors monitor swell, tides, and winds before ever paddling out on a lesson so they are aware of the current conditions.It is a form of solution-based thinking with the intent of producing a constructive future result