Our mission is to connect the world with surfing in order to give a better understanding of our oceans, beaches and our environmental responsibility to them.

Surf Lessons Los Angeles started with the vision of improving the surf lesson adventure. As Los Angeles' choice for all things beach, our professionally trained and lifeguard certified instructors will have you catching and ridding epic waves after the first lesson. We chose the best and most iconic beaches in Los Angeles that provide the best surfing conditions for every level of surfer. We are commited to teaching surf and ocean safety skills that will last long past your lesson.
Classic Conditions,The Days You Never Forget
Our proven curriculum ensures that your surf experience is the best that it can be. Our professionally trained instructors are constantly monitoring conditions so that our students are given every chance to succeed in their lesson. We adjust our lesson plans to fit the needs of each of our students so that they can catch waves that they'll remember forever.

As a surf school, it is our mission to ensure that the lessons you learn with us will far surpass the time that you spend with us. We pride ourselves on teaching our students ocean and beach safety tips, like: how to spot a rip current, proper board handling techniques, wave judgement, and basic surf etiquette. These tools help our students go on to develop lasting skills as a surfer, swimmer and beach-goer. Safety is our first priority, because we believe that by creating the safest and most controlled environment, our lessons are then set up for the most optimal success.