Surf Lessons Los Angeles
  • 365 Days a Year
  • from Sunrise to Sunset
  • Adults (all ages)
  • Kids (4yrs and up) & Teens
  • Lifeguard-trained Instructors
  • Learn to SURF from the Best
Our Difference
We are a surf school first and foremost so every lesson that we teach is designed to leave a lasting impact on our students. We establish proper techniques in the beginning so that our students are set up for success from when they first practice on the beach, to their first wave that they catch with us, and far beyond in their surfing career. In addition, our instructors instill safety protocols that help ensure that our students are practicing safe ocean and beach-going skills in our lessons and long after.

Each of our lessons combines personalized lesson plans with our proven curriculum to maximize our students' water experience. We begin on land with a brief overview of the anatomy of the surfboard, basic surfing fundamentals, and safety techniques. From there, you're ready to paddle out with your instructor and start surfing!