Why Learn in Los Angeles
Learning to surf in Los Angeles is the perfect activity to do by yourself, or with the whole family. With some of the most iconic surfing beaches in the world, surfing in Los Angeles is a must, whether you're just visiting for a few days or have lived here for your entire life.

With wide sandy beaches and perfectly formed point breaks, Los Angeles has waves for almost every level of surfer. Paddle out next to the iconic Santa Monica pier, ride a wave in front of the Venice Boardwalk or have your very own Baywatch moment in Malibu. Los Angeles is a city with so much culture and so much to offer, but one thing that should be on everyone's list is taking a surf lesson in this epicenter of surf culture.
About Los Angeles
Los Angeles County is incredibly far reaching: it encompasses snowy mountains, islands, beaches, and lots of different cityscapes. Yet, in the midst of concrete jungles, taco trucks, and trendy baristas are tons of epic surf spots. All within reach of the city, Los Angeles' beaches offer something for almost every level of surfer and are the perfect way to take a break from the traditional sightseeing as you experience Los Angeles the way the locals do.
Best Beaches in Los Angeles
We offer surf lessons throughout Los Angeles County. Santa Monica and Venice Beach are the most popular places to learn, with Malibu and Redondo Beach following just behind.

Each location offers a unique set of advantages and perks for our students. Factors like distance and time often help our students decide which break is best for them while our instructors monitor other conditions like swell, wind and tides to create the most optimal lesson plan.

No matter which Los Angeles location you choose, our instructors are there to ensure that you have the best lesson experience possible.